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Disability Assistance

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  • Case/Care Management (18)

    Case/Care Management


    Programs that develop plans for the evaluation, treatment and/or care of individuals who, because of age, illness, disability or other difficulties, need assistance in planning and arranging for services; which assess the individual's needs; coordinate the delivery of needed services; ensure that services are obtained in accordance with the case plan; and follow up and monitor progress to ensure that services are having a beneficial impact on the individual. Case management is a collaborative process characterized by communication, advocacy and resource management to promote high quality, cost-effective interventions and outcomes.
  • Residential Placement Services for People With Disabilities (7)

    Residential Placement Services for People With Disabilities


    Programs that maintain information about residential living options for people with disabilities including group homes, foster care, intermediate care, or semi-independent living residences, and link people who are looking for alternative living options with appropriate residential facilities.
  • School Based Integrated Services (4)

    School Based Integrated Services


    Programs, often offered directly by schools, that develop collaborative partnerships with public and private community agencies to meet the mental health, juvenile justice, social service and academic needs of school children whose struggles with multiple problems including poor physical or mental health, inadequate nutrition, substance abuse, family dysfunction or insufficient community support are affecting their educational performance. The purpose of these programs is to develop an integrated services delivery system through which existing resources are coordinated and made available to children and youth, their parents and family members at or near the school site.

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